The email you have been waiting for has just come through. Congratulations on getting an exciting offer from your new employer. It is time to celebrate. And it is also time to jot down a letter explaining that you are quitting your current job.

 Sometimes, writing a resignation letter is super easy, especially if you had a horrible boss or bad co-workers. But what if you enjoyed your time in the current company and the boss man is actually a friend? And if it is your first job, you may not even know what to write in your letter of resignation.

 Although movies show an employee come to his boss and say ‘I quit’ and walk away, that is not nearly enough in a formal place. That move may be good for a frying cook’s position, but not for a professional. It is important to maintain good relations with your current employer when you switch to a new company. A good reference from your boss and co-workers carry a lot of weight in many places. So it is important to break away on good terms.

In many organisations, you have a sit down with your immediate manager and explain your intent before you jot down your resignation. It is not a good idea to shock them with a written letter or email without having a chat.

 In most places today, the norm is to send a resignation email rather than give a letter.

Irrespective of the means, the format remains the same.

 In the letter, specify a few things to make the process easier.

  1. Name and designation
  2. Intent to resign
  3. Your last day
  4. Offer to train replacement
  5. Thank the organisation for help and support (optional)

 In some organisations, the notice period is specified in the offer letter. In other cases, a standard notice period is mandated. In most situations, the notice period is negotiable, and this is where having a conversation with the boss before dropping the letter comes in handy. He may ask you to speak with the HR and agree for a shorter duration or insist on serving the full notice period. There may also be a chance to pay out your notice period.

 Here is the absolute minimum you need in a resignation letter.

Dear Mr/Ms……

Please consider this letter/email as a notice of my resignation from the position of ……

As per my original contract, I will serve……. Weeks’ notice. My last working day will be …..


The most important part is the last working day. In some industries like Banks and Law firms, an employee is expected to leave right away. In such a case, you can ignore the last working day part of the letter. Thanking the organisation for supporting your career is a smart move, but not mandatory. But it will surely impress your boss and make him give you a favourable reference and that may come in handy sometime later.

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