How to Write Erotic Stories?

Writing for some people, comes easily and naturally. They are able to write about anything without much effort and seamlessly. On top of that, these individuals enjoy writing. Whether it’s about fiction, drama, fantasy or erotica, they capture their audience with their words. The erotic or romance genre, is one that sells very well. Many of the stories end-up being turned into mainstream movies and adult films. A great deal of the erotic porn videos found online today, derive in some way, from erotic stories. Sites such as X Sensual have tons of these erotic porn videos on their site. It is a genre which gets millions of views and large following.

For those who are not naturally born writers, they often have to work harder at it, study and practice. That is when compared to gifted authors. But, with the right know-how, composing something can be done. If you have ever wondered how to write erotic stories successfully, there are several tips you should know about. They will not only help you with the erotica genre, but others as well.

One of the first mistakes aspiring authors or even experienced ones make when writing, is sticking with clichés. They also have preconceived notions. These misconceptions are formed about erotica and amorous topics. However, they can result in alienating your audience instead of capturing their attention. Boring them as opposed to engaging them with your penmanship. These tips are some of the best available when it comes to writing about romance and erotic topics.

Maintain Realism –

Eroticism is all about passion, excitement and the arousing of feelings and emotions pertaining to sexual desires. That’s why it’s so important to keep your writing as realistic as possible. At the same time, the story is not just about sex, but conflict and tension. Which is why when characters feel sad, angry, afraid or awkward while having sex, is great. Any or a combination of these emotions show realism and authenticity.

Sometimes Is Just Sex –

Although passion and love play a pivotal role in erotica, it is not just about that. In many instances, characters just want to have sex. Hot, carnal and titillating sex that’s raw and pure, is powerful. People do crazy things when their sexual hormones take over. Many men have been characterized as thinking with their penises and not their heads. You can have characters that make love, but also some who simply want to have wild and freaky sex.

Keep The Reader & Genre In Mind –

Any writer who doesn’t respect the genre or reader will fail in their stories. In the same way you pay attention to details about other topics, do so when writing about sexual encounters. Always conclude that your reader wants to do more than simply masturbate. They also want to be stimulated intellectually. Both visually and emotionally; even while being sexually aroused.

Sex Isn’t Everything –

Contrary to what many think, sex is not the only thing in erotic stories. Although it does play a major role, the story itself is more important. The same for how you develop your characters within the story. You can use sex to make a point. But in the end, a great solid story will go much further when it comes to keeping your audience engaged and interested. In fact, many erotic porn videos today are centering on intimacy, love and dialogue more than they did in the past.

Refrain From Clichés –

Too many writers use all types of euphemisms when describing body parts and sex acts. Throbbing penises, love tunnels, and ramming hard are often used. Sometimes, to the point where the reader is lost. They have already heard these descriptions used over and over again. Instead, try describing and telling the reader something they never heard or thought about before. Make their minds think about acts or situations that the person would not think about without your words.

Use All Five Senses –

The best way to make your audience believe about what is taking place, is to draw them in. Too many writers use only the visual sense when writing. They avoid describing the others at their own peril. Talk about how the rose petals smell. Describe the sound coming from the squeaking bed. The way the chocolate licked from her body tastes. Using the other senses, will place the person reading the story, right alongside with your characters.

In addition to all of these tips, also remember that dynamics equals more profits. The perspective of your story is also pivotal and crucial. Tell the story from the woman’s point of view and a man’s when needed. Make your writing original and even use sexual fantasies which are of your own. Never hesitate to take a chance in what you want to write about. New grounds are broken because someone lay the work which others never dared to try or do. Be sure to include foreplay and add sexual tension to the mix. It will help build your characters and keep the reader anticipating.